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Three Great Reasons To Tell Patients About Lindstrom Obesity Advocacy

  • EXPERIENCE COUNTS: 19 years and nearly 7000 cases equals special experience that GETS YOUR PATIENTS APPROVED!

  • IMPROVE EFFICIENCY: Not doing time-consuming appeals frees up your staff to submit more authorization requests and obtain more approvals for other patients!

  • NO INCREASED OVERHEAD! We cost you NOTHING yet our successful appeals combined with your improved efficiency means you get to help more patients by doing more surgery!

Are your insurance specialists telling patients that experts are available to help when their surgery is denied by their insurance plan? Are you sure your patients know to call us RIGHT AWAY or are patients waiting until their appeals are finished because they think we are their “last resort”? Does your program reject patients who qualify for surgery medically but who cannot meet some arbitrary medical criteria set up by an insurance company? Maybe you thought those were battles which could not be fought or could not be won? They can be and we win them.

SIMPLY STATED: WE GET SURGERIES APPROVED. The only reason a patient denied by their insurance doesn’t contact us is when that patient DOES NOT KNOW ABOUT US OR THAT HELP IS AVAILABLE. When you and your team simply tell patients to call us it results in getting more patients approved, doing more surgeries and therefore helping more patients! Leave no patient behind!

If you request authorization for gastric bypass, sleeves, gastric bands, BPD/DS or revisions and your patient is denied we can get them approved. We are successful across the country. You owe it to your staff to not let them get overwhelmed by the complexities of doing appeals when a better option exists. You owe it to your patients to not let them get discouraged by a denial. Urge them to Call 1-877-99-APPEAL / 1-877-992-7732 – it’s their best option.


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