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You Can Give Up Or Fight A Denial And Win!

It’s your choice. However it’s important to know that we’ve probably handled the same kind of denial you have now and got it overturned.

So choose wisely.

 Examples of the types of cases we work on include:

    You have this kind of denial if your insurance plan requires pre-authorization for surgery and when the request was submitted by the doctor the answer came back “No”. As a result you cannot have surgery unless that “no” becomes a “yes.”

    You have this kind of denial if your insurance plan refuses to pay any of the claims after surgery took place. You, your doctor, the hospital (or surgery center) and all the other providers thought surgery was pre-authorized and expect the insurance plan to reimburse them. When the insurer says “no,” the providers look to YOU as the patient to pay their bills.

    If you paid cash for surgery because your insurer denied authorization there are many times when some or all of that money can be recovered and we help patients do just that.

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Originally established in 1996 as “The Obesity Law & Advocacy Center,” ( we are the oldest and most successful entity dedicated to serving patients and their healthcare providers, fighting for access to all forms of medically necessary treatment for the diseases of obesity and morbid obesity. In addition to advocating for patients on a daily basis, we are consultants for health care providers, medical device manufacturers and other reimbursement professionals in the areas of insurance appeals, provider reimbursement and patient advocacy.


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