Answers To Frequently Answered Questions

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What Kinds of Weight Loss Surgery Appeal Cases Do You Handle?
What Is An Authorized Representative?
When Should I Contact Your Office?
Shouldn’t My Bariatric Surgeon’s Office Be Doing This Appeal?
I Had Weight Loss Surgery Some Time Ago, But Now I Need a Revision. Can you help me?
I Had Surgery And Now All Of The Excess Skin I Have Is Causing Health Problems But The Insurance Says It Is Cosmetic And Not Medically Necessary. Can You Help Me Fight That?
How Much Is This Going to Cost Me?
Can You Help Me Get Money Back If I Have Already Had Surgery As A Cash Pay Patient?
Can I Appeal If My Managed Care Plan Won’t Even Approve A Referral To See The Bariatric Surgeon?
Can You Help Me If My Insurance Says It Doesn’t Cover Any Type Of Weight Loss Surgery?
My Bariatric Program’s Insurance Person Says I Absolutely Must Do A 6 Month Medically Supervised Diet because it is Required By My Insurance Company. Is That True?




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