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    Denied – Fought – Won!

    B.B. was like many patients we help. She had very successful weight loss with an adjustable gastric band placed in 2010 but in 2013 she began suffering problems such as vomiting, reflux, swallowing (known as “dysphagia”) and nausea. She couldn’t tolerate solid food, her fantastic weight loss stopped and she started gaining back what she lost. She was devastated. She worked with her surgeon’s office, first on her diet and then she had her band totally deflated. Nothing helped. She suffered for months and continued to gain weight. It turns out she suffered a “slip” of her band, a known complication which can occur and which was confirmed by diagnostic testing. She had benefits for bariatric surgery. Her doctor wanted to remove the band and convert her to a sleeve gastrectomy either at the same time or down the road in a separate procedure. Reasonable treatment plan, right? So what happened?

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