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Another Obesity Blog?

 Is it going to be any good?

We’ll tell you that we think it sure is going to be different!!

We are very excited and proud to launch our brand new website – www.wlsappeals.com – during the 29th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) here in beautiful San Diego, California!  Kelley and I hope this site will serve patients and healthcare providers trying to overcome the barriers and obstacles placed before them by insurance companies as persons afflicted with obesity travel the difficult road of obtaining necessary healthcare.

You’ll see “road” imagery throughout the new site, starting with the logo.  Although we’ve been engaged in this Mission since I founded the Obesity Law & Advocacy Center on March 1, 1996 it has been very difficult to describe exactly what we do for patients and their providers.  It wasn’t until I really started thinking back on how this all started with my own struggles with my morbid obesity and the difficult decision I reached in 1993 that having surgery was critical that the image of a road traveled started to reasonate with me – much like I believe it will reasonate with other patients going through the same things I did then and still do now.   Of course my making my decision was one thing – my insurance company had quite another thought in its malevolent mind – – “NO”!  It wasn’t going to be a smooth road for me and fighting that fight really was the beginning of this passion we have to help people and their loved ones go through the struggles.  You can read more about my story when you do what we hope you’ll do – go through the site and see what there is to see.

So why a Blog?  Aren’t there already enough of them?  Too many, perhaps?  That might be the case.  However it is our hope we will be different.  While no doubt we’ll be sharing information that other folks in the bariatric and obesity-related world are also kindly sharing we are going to offer something you don’t always see – a perspective that is more focused on ground-level insurance battles, insurer behaviors and hopefully use those stories to encourage someone out there to fight what otherwise seems like a hopeless battle against a gi-normous foe with unlimited resources.  It is our job to instill a feeling of hope – to show that person who may have given up that it is OK to fight and there’s someone out there who is willing to listen and to help win that fight.

We hope to offer something different to health care providers as well.  We’ve handled over 5000 appeals in all 50 states and we’ve learned a great deal since I hung that shingle and opened this unique practice.  We don’t profess to have all the answers but we sure do have some of them.  Maybe – just maybe – if your practice and our office share more information it will benefit a patient or two or five-hundred or more.  There are over 93 million people suffering in this country with some degree of a disease that is chronic, insidious and which destroys self-esteem as well as one’s health.  Working together to get more and better treatment to those in need is a worthwhile endeavor…..there’s no better feeling than when we make that call to a patient and hear the stunned silence of someone stifling a cry of joy at the news “you’re approved!”  Being a part of knowing they now have a chance to conquer this disease once and for all is the reason we all do what we do – AND I CANNOT THINK OF A BETTER THING TO DO!

  So Welcome to the “new” site – let’s change some lives and kick some payer a**!

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