THANKFUL to be part of this wonderful bariatric surgery community!

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Cleaning out some old files the other day I came upon an old legal document in an old folder I hadn’t looked at in a long time. It is appropriate that I stumbled upon it as we approach Thanksgiving because reading it made me very thankful that our practice could be a part of an amazing group of like-minded souls who deserve our thanks.

The document was the Articles of Incorporation I prepared and filed in 1997, establishing a non-profit corporation named “THE INTERNATIONAL OBESITY SURGERY SUPPORT GROUP”IOSSG

Lofty were the purposes I drafted when I set IOSSG up back in 1997. I guess when it came to establishing goals for a brand new non-profit dealing with the subject of obesity I reached up pretty high! Those goals were never met by IOSSG – but I don’t feel like it failed. As I write this in 2014 I am so very THANKFUL that so many other individuals and organizations have made it their purpose to fulfill those goals and also dared to dream about helping those of us who suffer from, or are affected by, the chronic disease of obesity. We are all much better off because of these dedicated folks.




When it comes to IOSSG’s 2 goals of educating the medical community and a compiling scientific data, I am thankful for the leadership of The American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery and The Obesity Society who have established a solid scientific basis for what we patients have known in our hearts – this is a terrible disease requiring treatment!


Amazing patient-centric groups like Bariatric Pal, ObesityHelp provide wonderful support for those of us who are post-op, and assist people exploring their options. Bariatric Support Centers International works tirelessly to train support group leaders who can guide patients. There are so many others who take on this support role and we at Lindstrom Obesity Advocacy want to Thank You!

financial support

Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America undertakes the challenge of supporting indigent, uninsured and patients in need of financial assistance with their grant program – our THANKS for all that you do!


Last, but most certainly not least, is the work of the Obesity Action Coalition led by its President and CEO, the indefatigable Joe Nadglowski, his incredible staff, and its fantastic Board of Directors, chaired by the wonderful Ted Kyle. OAC cuts across the spectrum of support and advocacy and impacts each and every goal I envisioned for IOSSG so long ago. OAC draws together diverse individuals, groups, corporate partners, professional societies and governmental agencies, all with the goal of improving the lives of those of us impacted by obesity. What OAC has done in a remarkably short period of time for all of us is impossible to measure. Our THANKS for being able to be a small part of it.

So while I was never able to personally get IOSSG off the ground I am so grateful that thousands of people have made it their personal mission to meet those lofty purposes I could only dream about in 1997. Seeing how far we’ve come I can only imagine what lies in store 17 years from now. I guess I’ll mark my calendar to clean out some old files in 2031 and let you know how we’re all doing!


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