OUTRAGED! Bariatric surgery on a 4 year old!


I cannot believe what I’m reading!

The headline reads 4-year-old boy youngest ever to undergo bariatric surgery

I am disgusted! This is WRONG on so many levels and yet I haven’t heard a single voice from obesity/patient advocates or the bariatric surgery community condemning that this procedure took place!

4 years old? Prader Willi syndrome child? Where is the outcry?

Do we not care because the patient is not from the U.S.?  Does the fact this abomination took place in India make it less significant?  Of course not!NO warning sign

Where are you ASMBS?
Where are you The Obesity Society?
Where are you Obesity Action Coalition?
Where are you IFSO?

If thought leaders from these organizations don’t speak up to condemn this event then it truly is a sad day and makes me ashamed and angry and sad.

There will be some, and perhaps many, who will say this was the only option for this child.  I find it a pathetic retort given that both his age and his genetic condition (Prader-Willi Syndrome) virtually assure that he could not, would not (and should not) have an operation like this in the U.S.  I can only hope and pray this young boy, who had no say – no choice – and may never have the mental capacity to fully understand what was done to him as a toddler – makes it through this.

And let’s also hope this acts as a cautionary tale reminding us:

“Just because we CAN do something doesn’t necessarily mean we SHOULD do it.”

  1. Jaime Ponce MDJaime Ponce MD09-13-2013

    This experimental approach as many others should not be endorsed outside of formal research study. I don’t have any details beyond what the news media reports.
    The ASMBS has a position statement on experimental or investigational approaches:
    “The Society does not wish to discourage research and innovation. However, if new procedures or significant variations of established procedures are performed, accepted guidelines for human research should be followed. Patients should be informed and counseled and appropriate consent obtained. The procedures should be performed with the guidance and approval of the appropriate Institutional Review Board. Appropriate data collection and analysis with reporting of results by presentation at scientific meetings or publication in peer reviewed literature is mandatory.” – (http://asmbs.org/2012/06/asmbs-code-of-ethics/#sthash.IlQ7t0AX.dpuf)

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